Scarce Copper butterfly Valle des fossals 

Map butterfly  

Butterflies & Moths 

Here is a list of butterflies and moths, their French, English then Latin names, spotted  in and around Straw Angel Mill, Paillanges, Viverols and the Parc Livradois Forez, by ecologist Tristan Hatton-Ellis  in August 2013. Many thanks to him for his generosity in sharing his knowledge and findings for  the benefit of other wildlife enthusiasts yet to come!

'You have loads of brilliant butterflies around the place, including purple emperor (though sadly none landed) and Camberwell beauty. Also plenty of map butterflies and more silver-washed fritillaries than I have ever seen in my life (literally) I saw a short toed eagle over the house, and we were enchanted to see a whole family of kestrels (6 of them, presumably mum, dad and 4 fledged young) near Col Croix de Fossals.'

NB The following are in the general Paillanges / Viverols area. Those not seen at the Mill during Tristan's stay are asterisked.


Le Grand Port-Queue


Papilio machaon

La Piéride du Choux

Large White

Pieris brassicae

La Piéride de la Rave

Small White

Pieris rapae

La Piéride du Navet

Green-veined White

Pieris napi

Le Citron


Gonepteryx rhamni

Le Souci

Clouded Yellow

Colias crocea

Le Tabac d’Espagne

Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis paphia

Le Nacré de le Ronce

Marbled Fritillary

Brenthis daphne

Le Petit Collier Argenté

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria selene

Le Petit Nacré

Queen of Spain Fritillary

Issoria lathonia

Le Paon du Jour


Aglais io

La Petite Tortue

Small Tortoiseshell

Aglais urticae

La Carte Géographique


Araschnia levana

Le Robert le Diable


Polygonia c-album

Le Morio

Camberwell Beauty

Nymphalis antiopa

La Belle-Dame

Painted Lady

Vanessa cardui

Le Vulcain

Red Admiral

Vanessa atalanta

Le Petit Sylvain

White Admiral

Limenitis camilla

Le Grand Mars Changeant

Purple Emperor

Apatura iris

Le Myrtil

Meadow Brown

Maniola jurtina

La Mégère / Le Satyre

Wall Brown*

Lasiommata megera

Le Demi-Deuil

Marbled White

Melanagia galathea

Le Sylvandre

Great Banded Grayling*

Hipparchia fagi

L’Hesperie de la houque / du dactyle

Small / Essex Skipper

Thymelicus sylvestris / lineola

Le Cuivré Commun

Small Copper*

Lycaena phlaeas

Le Cuivré Fuligineux

Sooty Copper

Lycaena tityrus




Le Moro-Sphinx

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Macroglossum stellatarum

L’Ecaille Cramoisie

Ruby Tiger

Phragmatobia fuliginosa

La Lithosie Quadrille

Four-spotted Footman

Lithosia quadra


Additional Species seen higher up above St Antheme / Job

L’Argus Satiné

Scarce Copper

Lycaena virgaureae

L’Azuré des Nerpruns

Holly Blue

Celastrina argiolus

Virgule, Comma

Silver-spotted Skipper

Hesperia comma

Le Grand Nacré

Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis aglaja

Le Chiffre

Niobe Fritillary

Argynnis niobe

Le Nacré de la Sanguisorbe

Lesser Marbled Fritillary

Brenthis ino

La Mélitée du Mélampyre

Heath Fritillary

Mellicta athalia


Large Wall Brown

Lasiommata maera

Le Moiré Fascié

Arran Brown

Erebia ligea

Le Moiré Fontinale

Water Ringlet (requires confirmation)

Erebia pronoe

Species seen elsewhere in the Park Livradois Forez

L’Argus Bleu

Common Blue

Polyommatus icarus

L’Argus Brun

Brown Argus

Aricia agestis



Pyronia tithonus

Le Tircis

Speckled Wood

Pararge aegeria

L’Ecaille Chineé

Jersey Tiger Moth

Euplagaria quadripunctaria